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Micro FUE Hair Transplant

The best solution for hair loss with donor preservation

Micro FUE is the latest development in the field of FUE hair transplantation having advantages of more natural results, minimal to no scarring, no post-operative pain, and faster recovery time, better yield of grafts as compared to classical FUE, therefore much better results and future preservation of donor area for future transplant if required due continuous hair loss. It is a procedure which requires high grade surgical skills so needs to be performed by a surgeon and his/her associates/team having good 3-4 years of experience in classical FUE.

Micro FUE should not be performed by inexperienced surgeons or technicians as it requires high degree precision skills.

Why you should choose micro FUE procedure?

Micro FUE is a latest technique that is becoming popular these days as it gives better aesthetic results and minimum post procedure recovery time as compared to any other older techniques. Due to this unique ability patients and hair transplant surgeons prefer this technique.

In Micro FUE technique the follicular units are extracted from the donor area after giving the local anaesthesia. The follicular units are referred to as the micrografts. These micrografts may contain one root or two roots or may be three roots depending upon the skill of operating surgeon with which they have been extracted and the good donor density of the patient. With good skill and experience follicular units with greater number of hair can be extracted.

Average number of hair per follicular unit lies at 2-2.5 hairs per graft, which means that if 4000 grafts are transplanted in a session than a total of 8000-10000 follicles will actually get transplanted.

How to remove such micrografts?

Micrografts are removed one by one from the donor area with the help of micromotor instrument having the micro-punches with tip size of 0.6-0.8mm. The smaller fine tips help in safeguarding the surrounding follicles around the ones being extracted thus minimising the damage and preserving the unextracted follicles for future.

Microtips of 0.8 mm are used to remove the 2-3 roots containing follicular units and 0.6-0.7mm tips are used to take out one follicle containing grafts

Also, by this technique as there is limited damage as compared to the damage caused by older techniques, the recovery is faster and also minimal pain. Healing occurs within 48-72 hours. Because the micrografts are devoid of any extra skin the scarring produced in donor area is also of minimal grade.

As compared to FUT or follicular unit transplant (STRIP METHOD), micro FUE is less invasive and much less normal skin is lost as compared to FUT method. The yield in FUT is normally upto 2000 grafts even with the longest strip possible. However, with micro FUE 3500-4000 grafts can easily be extracted. FUT is generally done once so u can have one session at a time but in micro FUE if donor area is good u can go upto three sessions on consecutive days thus yielding highest possible number of grafts.

How to place the grafts?

In FUT or classical FUE the grafts are quite bigger in size and therefore bigger holes/channels are needed to place them. However, in MicroFUE, due to smaller graft size and absence of extra skin tissue and subcutaneous tissue smaller holes are required in recipient area. With the help of forceps the grafts are placed in the channels created at the recipient site in close approximation to each other giving the denser look. The direction of the grafts is in accordance with the direction of existing original hairs. The micrografts allow us to place them in close proximity thus achieving natural, unidentifiable results with faster recovery and quick result with best aesthetics possible.

Advantages of MicroFUE over FUT or Classical FUE

 Minimally invasive , no cuts, no stitches, virtually no scarring,

 Faster healing of donor and recipient

 Higher yield of total number of grafts

 More preservation of donor area due to less damage

 Better harvesting of grafts

 Preservation of donor area allows future exploration if further hair transplant is required

 Natural results due to singular follicular placements in front

Disadvantages of microFUE:

 Requires special equipment

 Surgical precision required is very high and therefor well experienced surgeons and their

associates only can perform this task successfully.

Who can perform MicroFUE?

 Team having minimum of 3-4 years of experience on classical FUE

 High grade precision in micro surgical skills

 Having advanced knowledge of the procedure

MicroFUE mega session:

Transplanting upto 3000-4000 grafts qualify to be called as megasession.

A megasession should be performed for AGA grades 3,4and 5. A single megasession will provide a very dense look and pleasant results. Megasession should not be performed in grade 1or 2 baldness as this can result in compromised blood supply and resulting loss of grafts.

Two megasessions are required in people having AGA grade 6 or 7, totalling 6000-8000 grafts which are placed in two to three sessions. Harvesting this number of grafts in a single session should not be attempted as it carries significant risks.

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