FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Say no to baldness with our advanced FUE technique involving minimal intervention, virtually painless, and fast recovery time. We have mastered the technique over the years to provide the best of it with minimum downtime. 


What is FUE?


FUE or follicular unit extraction involves harvesting individual follicular units with the help of tiny punches, manual or motorized, of size varying from 0.6mm to 1mm diameter. Graft harvesting is a very tedious process and needs to be done meticulously. If done overenthusiastically, it may lead to increased transection rate of the grafts and decreasing the yield of the grafts leading to increased time of surgery and more discomfort for both patient and the doctor. Following the harvest, recipient sites are created with the use of micro blades or fine needles by insertion in the surface of the skin. The recipient sites are created keeping the angulation in mind and according to the required density. Finally the grafts are inserted in their place and closed with the help of a bandage. FUE is done in a single long session or multiple small sessions.


Advantage of FUE over FUT (strip method)

• No linear ugly looking scar

• No swelling

• Less painful

• Fast recovery

• No suture

• Faster results

• Most advanced technique

• Useful for beard and body hair transplant. 

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